Tesco Extra Wrexham


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In regards to the Wrexham store, there are countless none management staff and management and security who do not care about customer service and they do not know how to deliver a customer experience. countless employees at that store do not care about the customer, most do not know how to use common sense and most of them misuse the headsets for a laugh or to chat about customers like Matthew Williams and Jamie Pritchard and many others, in regards to those two, they do not know the meaning of customer service or the meaning of professionalism etc. Security are flimsy and unprofessional, a while back, I seen some young male guard sitting in a customer wheelchair whilst monitoring the cctv box and managers where hoping about and would of course seen him, you have security manager Tom Petty who does not reflect a manager, countless security staff etc issues. The list is endless with this store and when I have contacted CEO Dave Lewis, CEO team and customer services they do not do anything satisfactory. If I had a Waitrose in my area then I would not shop at the tesco store, the difference between Waitrose and tesco is that Waitrose have a Royal Warrant, they know what customer service is, they always deliver a customer experience and they are professional etc whereas with tesco theres nothing special about the place, some of the staff are sloppy, weird, unprofessional, don’t care and have no idea of the meaning of customer service. Most people, not all who work in retail are literally thick as s#it and twice as sloppy, they do not know the meaning of customer service, its really that bad. Tesco need a kick up there a#s, countless general staff need recalling, they need to recall those responsible for staff Recruitment such as the recruiters, Tesco need a new CEO, not that I care but they need a CEO who listens and cares about their customers and the CEO team also need ditching along with some of those who work in customer services and some of the store managers. to sum up Tesco and the Wrexham store in one word would be to say JOKE.